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You are likely aware that murder is the most serious allegation that an individual can face. With the severity of your situation, you will need clear-cut facts and aggressive defense. Law enforcement in Miami uses much of its important resources for the prosecution of murder cases.

Individuals charged with murder, which is the killing of another human being with malicious intent and no legal authority, will need to hire a skilled Miami criminal defense lawyer and act quickly to prevent a conviction.

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Consequences of Murder Convictions

Florida has received notoriety for the number of murders convicted in the past. Most convictions include substantial time in prison as well as permanent custody. Capital murder, which is the most severe type, can even result in the death penalty. Murder is a form of homicide, which is the overarching term referring to the killing of one human by another. It is distinguished from manslaughter in that it is always a premeditated act. Three degrees of murder are used to differentiate the various levels of this crime.

Types of Murder Charges

First-degree murder refers to both premeditated murder and felony murder. Death or life prison sentences are the possible penalties for this type of murder. Second-degree murder refers to murder with a depraved mind or accomplice felony murder. Even when murder has not been completed, the offender can be charged with a form of murder.

An individual who has deliberately shown little regard for the value of another's life by trying to commit homicide can be charged for attempted murder. Conspiracy to commit murder can be charged when premeditated murder has been discovered prior to its fulfillment.

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At DeFabio, Beckham & Solis, we understand that wrongful and false arrests are frequent causes of murder charges in Florida. Our criminal defense team has successfully challenged all types of felony charges in Miami-Dade, and we can fight for you. To effectively combat the charges you face, contact DeFabio, Beckham & Solis to speak with one of our Miami criminal attorneys!

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