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Burglary is a theft crime that is defined as illegally breaking and entering into a building with the intent to commit a crime. Burglary is "entry with intent to steal" regardless of whether or not the individual was successful in the theft of property or not, a charge of burglary will be filed.

There are various issues surrounding a charge of burglary that can include trespassing, or falsification of identity, or breaking in. "Breaking in" indicates that a person obtained access into the building – but does not necessarily mean that force was used.

What are the penalties for burglary in Florida?

The penalties for burglary depend upon the degree of the offense committed.

First Degree Burglary
Burglary in the first degree occurs when a defendant enters a dwelling, structure, or conveyance and commits assault or battery on any victim, is armed with a dangerous weapon, or uses a motor vehicle to damage an occupied or unoccupied structure or dwelling during the commission of the offense.

  • First degree burglary is punishable by a maximum sentence of life in state prison.

Second Degree Burglary
Burglary in the second degree occurs when a defendant enters an occupied structure or conveyance, or any type of dwelling, regardless of whether or not it is occupied.

  • Second degree burglary is punishable by a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison.

Third Degree Burglary
Burglary in the third degree occurs when a defendant enters an unoccupied structure or an unoccupied conveyance with the purpose of committing a crime therein.

  • Third degree burglary is punishable by a maximum sentence of 5 years in state prison.

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The nature, combination and severity of the burglary can determine what penalty the prosecution may pursue. With the assistance of an aggressive trial lawyer, you increase the chances of avoiding conviction. Your most effective defense will be based upon legal knowledge, trial experience and the ability to craft a powerful case for the defense.

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