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Attorney DeFabio's Case Covered By Local News Outlets

WPLG Local 10 and the Miami Herald have recently reported on a child pornography case that is being handled by Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Joel DeFabio. In the case, Mr. DeFabio is representing a 30-year-old Miami firefighter and paramedic who is facing charges for allegedly possessing and receiving child porn, which he is said to have downloaded and viewed on his laptop while on duty at the fire station. Both the Local 10 news story and the Miami Herald news story included statements made by Attorney DeFabio on his client's behalf.

According to the news stories, the FBI reportedly found 220 files (including both videos and photos) on the firefighter's laptop. The defendant has served as firefighter and paramedic for the city of Miami since 2007 and has been well-respected within the fire department. After his arrest, the firefighter was held in federal jail without bond. Local 10 interviewed Attorney DeFabio, who said that his client was awaiting a hearing. Mr. DeFabio noted that he was assured that the judge would find it appropriate to grant the defendant bond after seeing his strong ties and service to the community.

The Miami Herald included a written statement from Attorney DeFabio concerning the case. In the statement, Mr. DeFabio said that the defense is confident that there is "no credible evidence" to prove his client's guilt or involvement in the allegations that have been made. The lawyer asked that, in this new Internet crime age, the media and the public refrain from judging his client until he has had his "rightful day in court."

Attorney DeFabio has been providing criminal defense to individuals throughout Miami, Florida since 1980. Over the past three-and-a-half decades, he has risen to the ranks of one of the nation's preeminent federal crime defense attorneys. Mr. DeFabio has received various professional awards and honors throughout his career, and he has reached more than 50 "not guilty" verdicts.

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