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Miami Herald Discusses Money Laundering Case Handled by Attorney DeFabio

The Miami Herald recently told the story of a case in which Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Joel DeFabio helped an victim of identity theft get his charges dismissed in a federal money laundering case. In this case, the client was charged with money laundering after a checking account was fraudulently set up in his name at his bank without his knowledge. At the time that his case was resolved, the Columbia-born U.S. citizen had already spent two weeks in a detention center and had been under house arrest for seven months, and he was facing a possible sentence of as many as 20 years in prison. Attorney DeFabio—of DeFabio, Beckham & Solis, P.A.—provided strategic counsel to the client, which allowed the lawyer and the defendant to gather enough evidence to back up their claim of identity theft. The Feb. 1, 2014 Miami Herald article that outlined the details of this case was "Banking bad: One man's ID-theft nightmare."

According to the article, Attorney DeFabio's client was accused of being part of a larger money laundering scheme that resulted in $1.1 million being stolen from bank customers. The ringleader was identified as a Wachovia bank employee, and Mr. DeFabio's client was believed to be one of many co-coconspirators in the operation. The client was charged for allegedly making a withdrawals that were structured so that they would be hidden from bank regulators.

In the article, the client discussed his shock and fear at having his home raided by federal agents and being arrested for a crime that he says attests he never committed. He became even more distressed upon realizing that prosecutors appeared to have a strong case against him. Fortunately, Attorney DeFabio came to his aid, helping the man to take a number of steps to build a strong defense. It was up to the lawyer and his client to carry out the challenging task of getting federal prosecutors and immigration authorities to admit that they had charged the wrong person, so the attorney had his work cut out for him. Attorney DeFabio explained to the Miami Herald that he and his client never gave up, and they assured the federal officials that they were willing to challenge the charges all the way through trial.

Here are the various steps that the attorney and his client took to reach a positive case result, as noted in the news story:

  1. The client took a polygraph test, per the advice of Attorney DeFabio. He passed.
  2. The client accessed into information regarding his Wachovia account. He came to learn that the account connected to the crime was not the same one he opened with the bank—the account numbers didn't match.
  3. The client and the attorney took the evidence to the prosecutors, despite the fact that this was a high-risk legal move.
  4. The defense filed a motion to have the charges dismissed.

As a result of these steps, all charges against Attorney DeFabio's client were dropped. The Miami Herald also reported that the man has since filed a lawsuit alleging that Wachovia failed to properly protect his account and that it failed to provide correct information on him to federal officials.

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