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Attorney Joel DeFabio Elaborates on "Epstein" Motion for Miami Herald

Attorney Joel DeFabio further elaborated on his court filing this week that accused federal prosecutors of discriminating against his client. Speaking with the Miami Herald, DeFabio made it clear that the 2008 case of Jeffery Epstein does have a bearing on his client's current case—and on all federal cases involving similar charges.

Attorney DeFabio is currently defending Miguel Hernandez, who has been accused of running an escort service out of several South Florida hotels. Prosecutors say that they want Hernandez to spend eight to 10 years in prison for the offenses, but DeFabio instead wants to know why Jeffery Epstein, a Palm Beach billionaire, escaped federal prosecution entirely for similar offenses eight years ago.

"The point of my motion is to demand equal enforcement of the law for everyone—or at least a sense of equality," DeFabio told the paper. "Our government cannot give a 'get out of jail card' to a white billionaire with political connections who preyed upon over 30 minors and then seek a significant prison sentence for others who have allegedly committed similar acts."

The Prosecution's Response

Prosecutor Olivia Choe wrote a response to DeFabio's motion for the court, claiming that the circumstances surrounding Hernandez and Epstein's cases are not as similar as DeFabio makes them out to be. "Unfortunately, his allegations regarding Jeffrey Epstein fail to demonstrate that he and the defendant were in any way 'similarly situated,'," she writes. "Here, the defendant has made many assertions about Jeffrey Epstein ... but nowhere has he asserted, let alone demonstrated, that Epstein engaged in the same crimes with which he is charged."

This is not the first time that DeFabio has used Epstein's case to highlight what he believes is systemic discrimination in our justice system: in 2010, he made similar claims while defending Haitian-born Johnny Saintil (who also faced prostitution charges). Lawsuits from other lawyers have been filed against the federal government over the "sweetheart deal" that Epstein received, with decisions still pending. In the meantime, a federal judge must now determine whether Hernandez has been the victim of "selective prosecution" before a trial can proceed.

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