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Federal Agents Uncover New Drug Trafficking Network

Federal agents were able to uncover a drug cartel plan to create a new network of drug trafficking during a trip to Cali, Colombia in January. The new network involved individuals from South America, Mexico, Miami and New York.

Fernando R., represented by Miami drug crime attorney Joel DeFabio, is one of the four individuals currently awaiting trial for charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin. The three others accused are Tatiana B., Diego C. and his wife Sirely C.

The Investigation

The case is part of the ongoing war against drug trafficking spearheaded by the federal government. According to the court documents, an undercover DEA informant from Miami flew to Colombia in order to meet with Tatiana B. and some of her partners who were involved in the network and who were planning to bring cocaine outside of Colombia.

The informant and Tatiana B. flew to Florida to meet Fernando R., Diego C. and Sirely C. in Fort Lauderdale. Fernando R. told the informant that he was planning to pay for the drugs after they were delivered, because his money was “tied up” in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

During their interaction, the suspects revealed to the informant that they distributed up to 25 kilos of cocaine to their clients through a limousine service in New York. Fernando R. then allegedly asked if the informant had access to heroin because he was interested in buying it.

The informant and the individuals involved in the drug trafficking network came to a deal that involved 10 kilos of cocaine for $26,000 per kilogram and 1 kilogram of heroin for $46,000. Once payments were made and a delivery time was scheduled, an arrest was made.

“I’m sure that after an exhaustive investigation of facts and allegations, it should be evident that Fernando is not the experienced drug trafficker described in the criminal complaint,” said attorney Joel DeFabio, in an interview with Spanish language news El Nuevo Herald.

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