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Expunging Criminal Records in Florida

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If you were arrested or convicted in the past, legal action can be taken to "expunge" it from your criminal record. The word "expunge" means "to strike off, erase, delete or eliminate completely." Being arrested and charged with a crime has serious ramifications that can have a negative effect.

Employers do background checks and any arrest or charge will show up on your record, whether or not there was a conviction, possibly leading that employer to skip over you and choose another candidate. This is regardless of the qualifications or experience you may have that are superior to other applicants for the position.

Surprisingly, even just an arrest for which you were never convicted could put a negative spin on your reputation or qualifications.

The process of expungement involves several steps, and our Miami criminal defense attorney can manage every detail for you. Contact us today!

Filing for Expungement in Florida

A case in which you pleaded guilty or no contest, or were found guilty of any type of felony, may not meet the criteria for expungement, and we should discuss this with you. If you were charged and were not convicted you have the right to have the offense expunged from your criminal record.

In Florida, the expungement process begins with filing a request or petition with the state. The petition requires your fingerprints and other forms of identification and details about you, including name, race, gender, social security number and other information.

The process includes a filing fee, a certified disposition, which is an official document declaring the outcome of a specific charge or case. This will come from the clerk of the court where your case was filed. You will then need to have the state's attorney fill out a portion of the application. The process of expungement should be managed by a skilled Miami expungement lawyer, so that all filings and documents are in place and submitted correctly.

Want to expunge your criminal record in Miami? We can help!

At DeFabio, Beckham & Solis, P.A., we assist those who want to clear their criminal record through expungement. An earlier error in judgment, an arrest that did not lead to a conviction or other matter showing on your criminal record could damage your professional and personal reputation needlessly.

We have helped many of our clients to clear criminal records and if there is any possibility of getting your record cleared, we will get it done. Call us now and to learn how our experienced criminal defense team can help you get a fresh start.

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